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Congratulations! By visiting our web site you are now on the path to making a more informed buying decision. At SureView Inspection Services Ltd., it is our mission to help guide you on that path by providing you with a professional and thorough home inspection.

Purchasing a home can be a stressful endeavor; a home inspection need not be. So contact SureView Inspection Services Ltd. today to book your hassle free home inspection.
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What is a home inspection and why do I need one?
The Home Inspectorís qualifications
What Home Inspection services does SureView provide?
How much does a home inspection cost?
How long does the inspection take?
What does the inspection report include and when will I receive it?
What are clients and realtors saying about SureView?
How do I find out more about SureView's services?
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The Authorization Form
OAHI Standards of Practice
What is a home inspection and why do I need one?

A home inspection is a visual, unbiased, overview of the readily accessible systems and components of a home. At SureView, our goal is to provide you with a complete, detailed, easy to understand home inspection. The inspection will provide you with the crucial information you require in making a more informed buying decision and can help reduce your risk of unforeseen additional cost and repairs.

As the saying goes "you canít judge a book by its cover". The same applies when purchasing a home. Without a home inspection, you are only getting part of the story. To a typical home buyer the home may appear absolutely fine; however, your home inspector isnít inspecting the cosmetic appeal of the house. The inspectorís focus is towards safety and major issues which a typical home buyer would have no knowledge of.

The purchase of a home is probably the largest financial investment most people will ever make. You deserve to know as much as possible about your potential purchase. A home inspection by SureView will provide you with that knowledge.

The Home Inspectorís qualifications

Currently home inspection in Canada is a non-regulated profession. This means that anyone can claim to be a home inspector. In order for you to ensure you are hiring an inspector with appropriate credentials and experience, you should only consider using inspection firms, such as SureView Inspection Services Ltd., whose inspectors are members of The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI). This will help ensure that the inspector is experienced, impartial, and ethical.

By hiring SureView to perform your inspection, you will also have peace of mind knowing that your inspector is a Registered Home Inspector (RHI). The RHI designation is currently the highest status achievable by home inspectors in Canada and is held by fewer than 250 practicing home inspectors province wide. Don't be fooled by inspectors calling themselves Certified, Professional or Qualified. These terms are meaningless as anyone can use them regardless of his or her true education or qualifications.

RHI and the title Registered Home Inspector are protected by Ontario Government legislation and can only be used and granted to members of OAHI who have achieved the highest level of education and experience as required by OAHI.

What Home Inspection services does SureView provide?

Whether you are purchasing, selling or just want to learn more about your homeís current condition, you can benefit greatly from having a home inspection.

When selling your home, a Pre-listing inspection can help identify existing deficiencies before putting your home up for sale. As the homeowner, you now have the option of performing the necessary repairs before listing your home. In this way, you can eliminate the possibility of these conditions being used by the buyer to negotiate a lower selling price.

When purchasing your home, a home inspection can help identify existing deficiencies, which you may not otherwise have been aware of. The inspection will not only help deliver peace of mind, it also serves to reduce your risk of unexpected surprises and added expense after purchasing the home.

We also perform PDI (Pre-delivery Inspections) for new homes, 30 day, 1 year, and 2 year Tarion warranty Inspections. Donít let anyone convince you, especially the builder that because a home is new there wonít be any problems or only minor problems. We typically find an average of 10-20 significant deficiencies on brand new homes caused by the builder, many of which never get noticed or repaired. Be aware that if purchasing a brand new home, the builder must allow you to bring a home inspector for your PDI. They canít legally deny you this option although they might try to. Feel free to call SurevVew for assistance if the builder insists you cannot hire a Home Inspector for your PDI.

How much does a home inspection cost?

You will find SureView's inspection fees amongst the most affordable in the industry. Fees start as low as $200 for single item inspections, $325 for most high rise condominiums, and $350 for most homes under 2000 square feet and less than 25 years old (HST extra). Choosing your home inspector based on the lowest price often puts a home buyer at risk of hiring a less than qualified inspector. Inspectors who low-ball their pricing do so because of lack of experience, lack of skill and training, and most of all lack of business. Is that the inspector you want inspecting your largest financial investment?

We reserve the right to adjust any quote on-site due to incorrect or incomplete information provided at the time of booking. Prices are subject to change without notice.

How long does the inspection take?

On average a full inspection takes between 2.-1/2 and 3-1/2 hours depending on the condition, age and size of the home.

What does the Home Inspection report include and when will I receive it?

All full inspections include a 9-page detailed report noting the condition of the home's major systems and components (roof, exterior, structure, electrical, heating, cooling, insulation/ventilation, plumbing and interior). Reports are completed and emailed by the end of the same day.

All full inspections are performed according to the OAHI (Ontario Association of Home Inspectors / Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors) Standards of Practice. These standards can be viewed on our website.

What are clients and realtors saying about SureView?

"SureView Inspection Services saved me an incredible amount of money and heartacheÖ I found Michaelís knowledge and approach, the patience he showed in helping us to understand our purchase to be invaluable. So would anyone."
B. Armstrong, Oakville

"Michael carried out the home inspection very thoroughly and detailed orientedÖhe always ensured his explanations were understood."
M. and L. Ghiorghiu, Scarborough

"When you walked us through the home, we found you explained everything so that we could easily understand how things worked from top to bottom. We left feeling reassured and informed about our new home. The detailed binder is a fantastic reference manual. Thank you for your follow up investigation work relating to the insulation."
A. McGregor & T. Visentin, Vaughan

"I would like to thank you again for the great job you did. We are much more knowledgeable now about our future repair requirements and the binder is a great resource. We will highly recommend your companyís services to our friends and family."
A. and H. Corcoran, Toronto

"You continually provide a level of service like no other, and for that I am grateful. Time and time again, my clients tell me after you conclude your home inspection how thorough and educated you were. I even receive compliments from the sellers who have been present during your inspections, commenting on your dedication and knowledge."
T. Rosen (Realtor), Richmond Hill

How do I find out more about your Home Inspection services?

We would be delighted to personally answer any further questions you may have. Our phone lines our monitored 7 days a week from 8:00am -11:00pm. If you prefer, you can also email any inquiries you may have to info@sureviewinspections.com We specialize in first time buyer and weekend inspections.

Areas serviced by SureView Inspection Services Ltd.

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Once again, thank you for considering using SureView to perform your home inspection. We look forward to being of service to you and your family.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Greenberg, RHI
(Registered Home Inspector)
SureView Inspection Services Ltd.

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